How Many ‘Fs’ Are There in ‘Christmas Day’?

How Many ‘Fs’ are there in ‘Christmas Day’?

According to those fantastic folk at Chefs Catering Northwest there are 5 Fs in Christmas Day. These include first and foremost:


Everyone enjoys spending Christmas with their loved ones, but that’s not always possible. Christmas Day 2020 was like nothing many of us had experienced before. Covid 19 spoilt Christmas for so many, but not for those who joined Gareth (CEO) and Gemma Gardener (Strategic Lead) along with the whole Chefs Catering Northwest team (minus one chef – but we’ll come back to him later).

Starting at 8 o’clock on Christmas Day morning, everyone pitched in to get the party started – peeling potatoes, boiling broccoli, cutting up carrots, you name it, someone did it!

‘From our family to yours with much love’ was the message underpinning every meal carefully crafted and carried out to cars to be delivered to delighted diners.


Courtesy of Covid 19 many people were unable to spend time with their friends this year – those near or far. Chefs Catering Northwest made sure that everyone who dined on one of their festive feasts did so knowing that they now had new friends from the team.

New friendships were forged and old ones refreshed. Prior to the big day, two ‘old friends’ of Chefs Catering Northwest gave a helping hand towards the festivities. Cathedral Catholic Primary School (based at the very heart of the community in Lancaster) and St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School (located in the heart of the village of Heysham), let locals know what the Chefs Catering Northwest team were planning.

It’s easy to see why these schools are good friends of the company –

Mrs Nicola Holt, Head Teacher of Cathedral Catholic Primary School, has described the school’s core values as bringing a ‘warm, welcoming family atmosphere and … community where everyone is valued, nurtured and encouraged’.

Sentiments shared and said so often, by Gemma about the ethos of Chefs Catering Northwest as an organisation and significant local employer.

Mrs N Gomersall, Head Teacher of St Peter’s Church of England Primary School has spoken of the school having ‘an outstanding reputation for its caring, inclusive family ethos, based on Christian values’.

Having an outstanding reputation is certainly high on the agenda for all at Chefs Catering Northwest, whose team also fully subscribe to being an ‘inclusive family’ and practising Christian values in all aspects of the services they provide.


Fabulous Festive Food

Fabulous food is what forms the core of operations at Chefs Catering Northwest. Creating, cooking and serving fabulous food that is affordable for all, has driven the team from day one. Christmas 2020 was no different in some ways to every other day of the year. Consistency is central to their offering. Whatever the day; whatever the weather, these fabulous folk treat others to a fine dining experience fit for a King (these guys and gals know that one lives nearby and will be ready when he calls the Cloud Waitress for his Sunday dinner) and Queen – or maybe sometime their Duke might make contact (HRH The Queen and Duke of Lancaster).

So, what fabulous festive food did Chefs Catering Northwest cook up Christmas 2020, when Covid 19 was playing havoc everywhere else in the catering world?

Project Leader, Georgia Clements, explained on behalf of her family of friends and colleagues –

Chefs Catering Northwest delivered 446 individual 3-course-meals across the geographical area from Heysham to Morecambe. Where households included children, a chocolate balloon display was included at no extra cost.  These were provided by ‘old friend’ and business woman, Trudi at ‘Ribbons and Roses’ in Morecambe.

57 Deliveries were made between 12:00 and 15:00 Christmas day. Of these, 12 deliveries were made to some of the most vulnerable people in the community, who were all affected by Covid 19 in one way or another. Financial hardship has hit many, both in families and people living on their own. Accordingly, Chefs Catering Northwest called upon their good friends at Growing Lancashire CIC (an organisation that puts all its profits back into helping Lancashire people, communities and businesses grow in strength), for help.


Growing Lancashire CIC dug into their pot of kindness immediately and funded all 34 of the 3-course meals taken out on the 12 ‘runs’. Generosity beyond belief, but wholly typical of the dedication both organisations have to serving their community!

Flipping Heck

Let’s make that 6 Fs in Christmas, because I nearly forgot that fella – Ian Sweet – who was given the day off to celebrate his Birthday. Happy belated birthday, my friend!

We would like to thank our local community for their support over the Christmas and New Year period. With lots of new and exciting projects coming up, we wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2021! 

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